Keep on posting it, and eventually people will be impressed

A-Computers, one of three excellent computer stores in Edmonton (HCS and Memory Express being the other two), has just posted its January 4-6 New Years specials. They include:

  1. A VK Mobile "unlocked" mobile phone for $98.90
  2. Foxconn MP3 player for $14.90
  3. A Samsung ML-2010 Laser Printer for $109.90 (with $30 mail-in rebate)
  4. An IBM USB external floppy drive for $24.90
  5. My personal favourite, an Acer Aspire AS5112WLMI for $1039.90
Problem is, these same items were on at the same price for the January 2-3 sales. And the Boxing Week sales. And the pre-Christmas sales. You know, just once I'd like to see that the AS5112 was on for, say, $939.90. Or, better yet, $889.90.

Dare to dream.