The Univeristy of Alberta: Giving Doug Roche another pulpit for some reason

University of Alberta International Week 2007: Beyond Terror

Okay, you know with a slogan like this you aren't going to be seeing anything worth seeing, but just to make it official:

In recent years, terrorism has been in the international spotlight and the menace of weapons of mass destruction has been used to provoke underlying fears about the world we live in. But what is actually causing terror and mass destruction? Environmental disasters, endemic poverty and malnutrition and small arms kill millions each year. A global crisis of human rights leaves countless people terrified on a daily basis. The numbers tell us our attention needs to be refocused -- increased security and binary notions of good and evil are not winning this struggle. How we approach these issues today will define our generation, and has the potential to save, or destroy, the next.

Speakers will include:
  • Hamid Abdeljaber's talk "Predicament of Definition: Why the International Community does not Agree how to Define Terrorism" (ie. the Jews are at fault)
  • Janine Brodie and Julian Castro-Rea blathering about "Deep Integration in North America: The Stakes for Canada" (ie. Bush is evil, all worship Jack Layton)
  • "The Role of Canada’s Military" by Captain Peter Avis and a chick from Women for Women Afghanistan (ie. arms are for hugging, soldiers should be taking spanked children away from their parents instead of imposing Bush doctrine in peaceful Arab communities)
  • "Political Weapons of Mass Destruction" by disgraced British MP George Galloway (pg. 62 of Ann Coulter's How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)) (ie. Saddam's cheque still cleared and I'll discuss why all white people are the spawn of Satan)
  • Andrew Nikiforuk on "Pandemonium: Global Trade and the New Free Market for Disease" (ie. only fair trade coffee is free of SARS)
  • And finally...

    Douglas "Best Argument for Assassination" Roche, leftbag PC-cum-NDP anti-nuke zealot, on "Nuclear Weapons: A Theft from the Poor". (ie. every other speech on nuclear weapons Doug Roche has ever given)

Can't wait to attend. I hope they don't use metal detectors.