Cold winter night // Storms in Ontario now // My eyes are a little heavy // I'm feeling in the past tense // I'm hardly aware

The lengthy title? Just some revamped Honeymoon Suite lyrics. Bet you'd never expected to see that phrase on this blog!

The reason? Well, its time to do one of my favourite hobbies: showing you how beautiful the female body can be when summer in Edmonton ["summer in Edmonton" is also known as "July 3-9" -ed] heats up and the ladies like to flaunt it.

In this particular case, I promised pictures from the Capital Ex parade. That was July 20th 2006. A mere five months later, here they are! (Click each image to see it in full sized glory)

Okay, to be fair, I did say Capital Ex Parade, and these are "just" girls from "the X" itself. Tough. I might post the parade girls later today. Or in five months.