Post #600 Baby!

Wow, here we are. 600 posts into this little blog experiment thing. Happy New Year by the way. To make my job easier (and only slightly less accurate) I'm going to count the entire month of December when I do my usual calculations. It will introduce a day or so of inaccuracy, but there are worse fates in this world. For November, 33 posts in the 9 days since Post #500, for a post every 0.279 days (ie. every 6 hours, 41 minutes, 30.91 seconds). In December, as my easy math indicated, 31 days and 67 posts for a post every 0.463 days (ie. every 11 hours, 6 minutes, 16.12 seconds).

What happened over these 100 posts? Oh, just a little thing I like to call the one year anniversary of this blog. As usual, I'm providing you with a few highlights of the past 100 posts.

Best Reads: