Edmonton Child Molester Parade cancelled for fourth straight year

Pun intended.

It was a treat when we celebrated it in 2019.

It was the one small fun thing about the Wuhan Flu overreaction of 2020.

It was only moderately funny in 2021 as restrictions were finally (er, almost finally?) over.

Now it just seems like the status quo.

That's right, for the fourth year in a row there will be no #yegfaggotwalk held. According to Trevor Watson, the chubby faggot who's personal preference is diddling the 8-11 year old little boy demographic, there's no plans to have one this year or perhaps even any year in the future. He's too busy touching little boys on city busses while their leftist parents admire his disgusting lifestyle choice at the expense of their own children.

Does that mean that Watson and his fellow evil uranists are just laying low? No, of course not: they and the rest of their illegitimate club are going to be busy waving in your face you nd down the streets, just less coordinated than usual. And of course as most of you now know (and the line for apologies for not listening to me the past decade and a half I've been telling you) they already are busy in your schools turning your kids towards their evil orientation because again 100% of them are guilty of it. Some of them like them older than Watson, a sizeable minority like them younger, and all of them need to be stopped at all costs.

Ironically even as they cancelled the past two years over a disease that only kinda infected their perverted kind more than others, they do it instead in the shadow of a new (well, not new) disease spreading around the globe 100% caused by their wicked ways. For those keeping track, they started this whole endeavour in the shadow of the last disease spread almost exclusively by their inability to have a real loving relationship.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même