@Kim_1968220 - Stop the overdramatic crying about "muh rights and free-dumbs"

Kim hates when people "cry" about people protesting fundamental human rights (recognized over centuries).

Everybody got that? Good.

Hey, so the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that the modern day abortion -- where a human life is ripped into shreds on the flimsy claim that it can't be a real human since he/she cannot move around independently -- is totally something which governments can permit or restrict. It didn't reverse Roe vs. Wade in the sense that it didn't explicitly state that an unborn child (despite all medical evidence to the contrary) has the right to life and all women who try to kill one should be hung from a gallows, but baby steps to pardon the pun.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because unlike piddling little rights like freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, this freedom to get abortions isn't a fundamental human right. When people complained in trucker convoys about losing these rights Kim accused them of crying. So is she similarly accusing the hordes of sluts attempting insurrections across America right now of crying even when some of them literally are?

Well take a look for yourself.
Wow, unlike Tamara Lich that sounds an awful lot like crying. Putting aside the fact that men don't have any abortion rights and many sit in jail because of it, those are pretty hysterical rantings there.

Which one is it, Kim? Are you opposed to "crying" about perceived loss of rights or not? If yes, apply it to your side which clearly is on the far shakier ground.