The upside of inflation

As you know, as a result of the West's disastrous spending policies before and during the Wuhan Flu lockdown era, combined with the hypocritical and "harming them more than us" sanctions of Russia in response to their invasion of Ukraine, inflation in almost all western nations are reaching levels not seen since conservative economists taught us how to avoid it (there's a future blog post in there about how those left-wing economists who had a bunch of new and innovative ways to spend money without causing inflation were utterly wrong and trying to put a woke spin on an old failed phenomenon).

The price of potatoes at Superstore this week has doubled from what it was a year ago to $8 per 10lb bag. No fast food meals under $10. Gas pushing $2/L even with provincial fuel taxes reduced. Everything and I mean everything is getting more expensive.

You saw the post title though. What's this upside you speak of? Simple: Amazon has not (yet) raised their $35 minimum for free shipping. As a result, since the things available to buy on Amazon are more expensive (but ditto everywhere else), you can get things shipped in smaller bunches. Typically what I and many others do is add things to cart until reaching that threshold. Sometimes its taken months of waiting to come up with something to buy on Amazon before adding to the other little things reaches that magic number.

There aren't many good consequences of the failed monetary policy of the left who thought they know better than those who came before them. At least we have found one.