Which Canadian political party will improve military spending?

The federal government hasn't released it's 2015 budget yet, but it's widely suspected that when the budget is released, a NATO pledge will be ignored again.

Britain, Canada, Germany and Italy are all forecast to cut military spending this year, flouting an explicit promise not to do this, made at September’s Nato gathering in Wales. Nato nations are expected to spend a minimum of 2 per cent of gross domestic product on defence, but very few do so.
Hey, so all of those retards complaining about how "militaristic" the Harper government is are sure to apologize for their comments, right?

Meanwhile, what are the opposition parties doing? Canada is ignoring an international agreement, which they are usually so gung-go to criticize over. Canada is -- even worse to these statists in the Liberal and New Democrat parties -- ignoring an international agreement to spend money. Thomas Mulcair has so far voted against:
  • LAV III upgrades
  • Arctic patrol ships
  • RMC research
  • transport trucks
The NDP's trained seals at Rideau Institute barked over the plan to support Ukraine militarily on the grounds that "arms manufacturers" are profitting on them.

See what I did there? [Yes. -ed]

And what about the Shiny Pony? Well, today Justin Trudeau promised major infrastructure projects but nothing military-wise. We've seen in the past, from "whip out our F-18s to General Leslie's comments when recruited for Trudeau's international policy team, that Pierre Trudeau Jr. doesn't really have a military policy. The NDP would turn the LAVs into mobile fag-friendly safe injection sites and the arctic patrol vessels into Israeli flotilla blockade ships, we all understand this and can highlight the dangerous pacificst streak in the silly party. But Shiny Pony is a bit of a blank slate. He certainly doesn't have anything to give you the impression that he's going to compete with Prime Minister Harper on financing the military, let alone his own dad. His party has a hilariously light section on defence spending (in fairness, every section is just as airily empty) where literally every bullet point is about veterans:

The Conservative government has ignored its sacred obligation to care for the well-being of our troops returning home – and their families. Liberals will ensure that no veteran will have to fight the government for the treatment and compensation they have earned by putting their lives on the line for this country. We commit to re-opening the 9 Veterans Affairs Service Offices closed by the Conservative government
I'm not sure if the Liberal Party braintrusts have noticed this, but veterans affairs offices are not military expenditures.