The Love Doctor Teacher Is In

A Saskatchewan teacher is in trouble for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student.
Erin Osmond, 29, was charged with two accounts of sexual exploitation after the 16-year-old told RCMP he had sex with the teacher on four occasions between March and April of 2013.
In his court testimony on March 2nd, the unidentified teen said that Erin Osmond-Kaziuk (her full name, which oddly the National Post left out) led him to believe it was a serious long-term relationship which was impeded only by her husband.

In his testimony, he discussed further details into the relationship:

Osmond said in a text that if she was single they wouldn’t have to worry about sneaking around; on more than one occasion, she referred to herself as the teen’s “sexy teacher” in texts.

“Your friends will all be jealous and think of you as a god,” Osmond texted the teen, who said that message referred to the possibility of them having sex.

“At the time, I thought I was in a legitimate romantic relationship,” the teen told RCMP.
Two lessons come to mind. Gather 'round children, this applies to all of you.

He thought he was in a legitimate romantic relationship. In my quoting above I skipped a paragraph, let's go back to it now (emphasis mine).

On March 16, 2013, they met up and drove in his truck to a field outside of Watrous, where she gave him oral sex and they had intercourse, the teen told RCMP. The scenario played out three more times — once more in the field and twice in a secluded gravel pit, he said.
Now listen very very carefully: if your relationship is made up of blowjobs in a secluded gravel put, you are not in a legitimate romantic relationship. Legitimate romantic relationships don't involve regular trips to secluded fields and industrial zones to consume the physical act.

It doesn't sound like she took him to the Keg first.