Whites had a lot to be proud of once upon a time

Kathy Shaidle examines the UFC Michelle Ould scandal. For those hoping for her to "tut tut" alongside, I'm sorry you've never met her.

Not long ago, average Joes could enjoy a reprieve from “sensitivity training” and political correctness by tuning in to macho, old-school professional sports or even newfangled, slightly dubious ones such as wrestling or MMA.

So much for that. NFL players now wear pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The moral panic regarding brain injuries and player suicides might even kill off football altogether in some not-so-distant future.

Back in the UFC, a German fighter was kicked out for having “racist” friends, while another white player was denounced for wearing a Japanese “rising sun” symbol—by a Korean, who says that for his people, that’s the equivalent of a swastika. And that dude calls himself “the Korean Zombie,” and his symbol is a creepy cartoon of, well, a Korean zombie (killed by Japs?), but whatever.
This story was from November of last year, making the foreshadowing to the "homos hit the big leagues" story all the more prescient.