Okay, fine, apparently you never got past third grade (is this why numbers bigger than random numbers on the side of the road scare and confuse you?) so I'll explain this.

In the past, the movement of the solar disk across the sky was believed to be a chariot slowly moving across the (flat, originally, but that's another story) earth.
I said "Zeus' chariot" because Zeus was the most famous Greek God, just so I didn't lose you again like I did when I asked you what speed you'd drive it if these signs all mysteriously vanished one day. The correct answer to the owner of the chariot moving across the sky was Helios, the sun-god. Now we know that the whole chariot story isn't true, subsequent study and observation has shown that the sun is itself a large sphere, a nuclear furnace in space, so far away that despite its size it only subtends a small angle of our sky. Subtend means cover.

The reason I mentioned this, of course, was that you decided to brag about how many sunrises you'd seen, which was a reference to my earlier comment that your newfound knowledge of the significance of "85" in talking about how fast people drive made you incapable of trying to reference it to drive at any larger point (of which you have none). You may have seen a lot of sunrises, but you didn't understand them because you thought Zeus (or Helios if you've accepted the transition here) was driving a chariot. Likewise, that you reacted with confused shock about the concept of the 85th percentile was that even this most basic bit of knowledge was out of your grasp. Being the generous person everybody knows I am, I helped you out a bit here.

There are limits to any sainthood, of course, and mine generally had to end there. After all, you can't even grasp that when I give you this common challenge that you're being asked to stop parroting nonsense and actually think:

Can we change all the speed limits within 3 miles of your house to 5 km/hr? You would never exceed that, correct?
You never did answer, because I don't think you're capable of it. All you're able to do is look at what the government tells you is the speed for you to drive, and drive it. If they did change the limits around your house (and I do mean your house, specifically, I want it so wherever you move the limits around you are always 5km/hr) you'd drive that new slow speed, you'd take 3 hours to get from Rexall Place to Polland Meadows Park and you'd never question or complain about this travesty except to freak out if somebody drove 6km/hr and "risk killing you with "excessive" speed.

Forget that as I continued to give you examples (such memorable and heartwarming examples like example 1,example 2,example 3,and of course who can forget example 4) of roads with speed limits set ridiculously low which nobody generally follows (that's where my 85th percentile talk came from, if you remember), you were so mind-numbingly retarded that you thought I was somehow playing a game where I was guessing which roads you drive on the most. You never did say which roads you drove, what speed you would drive on them if I covered up all the speed limit signs, nor why you thought that just magically the number a pencil-pushing rights-imposing city bureaucrat was always the exact right speed for that particular section of road. That you apparently never ever ever drive less than the limit also indicates you're completely mental on the subject of driving. The speed limit on Whyte Avenue is 50 km/hr. Yes yes, I know this is another of those roads you "never drive" but please please please just this once try to grasp the actual topic of discussion. The speed limit on Whyte Avenue is 50 km/hr. If you drive this speed on Whyte Avenue you will kill somebody. Nobody ever goes 50 on Whyte. Maybe at 5am on a Tuesday morning when there was a long weekend the weekend before, you'll find the car and foot traffic light enough that you can cruise in the 48 range, but I highly doubt it. Yes yes yes, the sign says that but you'll just have to ignore it and judge the proper speed you want to drive based on all the factors around you. I know it will be hard, but I have faith.

And here's the genius bit.

Once you do that, you'll start realizing that you can do this all the time. The Henday limit says 100 but it's a warm day, the road is dry, and there isn't much traffic (and the traffic that is there is cruising around the 130 mark)? Yes, you can let the needle climb. Climb! Past 101. Past 102. Past 103. Let it climb even higher and higher. Let it sail up to 115, and feel the liberation within you as you come to realize that the number on the roadside is, as I said many many times, mostly random and all bullshit.

As you come to realize this, you'll start to notice some things. You'll start to notice how many other people, despite a legislative imperative to do otherwise, keep driving faster than the stupid sign on the side of the road. You'll start to wonder how much faster people would drive, using their rational judgement as surely as you did when you saw "115" on your speedometer for the first time, if there was no asshole useless cops like your cowardly buddy Brandan Power trying to round up tax dollars to support his desire to rule over the populace. You'd maybe actually read the links I posted you, like what really happens when the speed limit signs disappear. And maybe you'd watch this damning video, where I proved my comment to you that "a world where that silly limit is followed would be total gridlock".

In short, you'd stop being a shrill for the nanny state, freaking out when you saw other citizens ignoring outdated and undesirable regal proclamations about what we should do to "behave" on the roadways. You'd grow as a person. You'd come to see speeders not as a menace, but national benefactors (again, consult the video if this confuses you. This is a world full of yous, and it does not look like a fun place to live). In time, a Greek God, the number 85, a simple thought experiment, and the exercise of your rational brain could lead you on the path to enlightenment.

Or you can keep saying "go away" and fall into meaningless babble about "u drive 2 fast u $$$ the penalty b4 u risk my lyfe". Your call.