So far today I've had grand sport on Twitter ripping on the idiots at these Occupy events and their foolish signs. For some reason, Calgary's twitpic'ers didn't do much, so I had to grab a couple from the CBC website.

Top Canadian CEOs apparently make more than 4000 or so minimum wage lackeys combined. Forgetting the obvious fact that they are (by definition) worth more than 4000 or so minimum wage lackeys, as you watch "Niko Guerra" (note the likely fake name) sit with his sign, imagine being in charge of hiring for any company and try to find a reason to pick him. Probably best to go with the fake name, pal. (Calgarians who know his real name are encouraged to leave it in the comments)

This sign here features 2/3rds of the old French Revolution slogan of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Since this is Calgary, that's the most French you'll see on any of these signs. However, as we've seen from the Occupy movement, "fraternity" isn't high on these people's list of priorities. Caring for our future as a shared society? Screw that man, I'm in a union! So he's replaced it with anarchy. You mean like the kind of lawless society that would remove things like free tuition, banking regulations, or...overpaid CEOs? No wonder he removed fraternité, it was probably at Niko's request.