Third Edge of the Sword Best of 2009

Here it is, your chance to vote for the best blogpost of 2009. The vote appears at the top: underneath you can review the choices if you need help making your selection:


  1. A moderately non-scientific explanation of the infamous "racism study": why racism isn't a problem until some jew or nigger or paki cuts you off in traffic.
  2. Blog series:
    Corner Gas Countdown: Countdown of the Top Ten (and bottom ten) Corner Gas episodes, plus a wrapup post.
  3. Whyte Avenue dumb ass (hot ass coming soon, I promise): Edmonton Police crack down on noise on Whyte Avenue with no accepted standards.
  4. Blog series:
    2009 Edmonton Fringe: Stage a Revolution: Reviews of 16 fringe plays, site walkthrough video, and site rant.
  5. It's about time!: Two officers involved in Edmonton Police corruption finally get hauled before a disciplinary hearing
  6. Why Stephen Harper will still be the Prime Minister in 2013: an electoral analysis of why the NDP and Liberals are all bark and no bite.
  7. Who spoiled Toronto's miraculous ethnic transformation?: a 1996 article in National Geographic looks a lot different in hindsight.
  8. 2 parter:
    1. WhyCantYouMoveOn.org?: my preview to the A Conversation With George W. Bush event held in October.
    2. George W. Bush event review, Edmonton Alberta's Shaw Conference Centre, Tuesday October 20, 2009: my review of the show
  9. Support Local Business FAIL: why keeping Edmonton original is bad for consumers
  10. Liberal Doctors Tell Medical Lies: Dr. David Swann's astounding lack of medical knowledge
  11. "Democratic Renewal" comes with a free pair of jackboots: critiquing the DRP website's critique of Wildrose Alliance labour policies.