2009 Edmonton Fringe: Stage a Revolution

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Well, it's that time of year again. The 2009 Edmonton Fringe Festival starts today. Just like I did in 2007, I will make up an aggregator of all the fringe play reviews I write this year. Last year, readers may recall I didn't go at all [readers will also remember that several 2007 Fringe reviews are now two years late being filed. -ed].

So here is the main page for the 2009 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. And remember, I don't mention the plays I go to until a day or two [or 730+! -ed] after I attend, but when deciding fringe plays, I have one hard and fast rule:

No fags.

The Reviews:

Day #1: Noncomittal, Kreskinned.
Day #2: Seven Lives of Louis Riel, Space, George Orwell is Not My Real Name, Incorruptible
Day #3: Doom 2012: When Will You Flee?, Lysistrata
Day #4: For the Love of a Zombie
Day #5: Never Trust a Naked Marriage Counsellor
Day #6:Bashir Lazhar
Day #7:G-Men
Day #10:Full of Sound and Fury, Captain Hook vs. The Zombies
Day #11:Inviting Desire, Manners For Men

Extra Fringe Material: