The most I've ever bothered to learn a woman's name

My buddy texted me an hour ago advising me to...

Check out the sunshine girl... Sha-WING!
So I did. Here are a couple of her pictures:

Sha-WING certainly seems to cover it. But then when I watched her video on the SUNshine girl site [caution: this link will not show this video after Christmas Day, 2009 -ed]. I noticed something a little... odd:

First is the writeup that appears under her photo in the paper:
SUNshine Girl Natalya is 22 years old and her hobbies include modelling and dancing. She hopes to become a social worker and her favourite way to spend a night is relaxing at home or at a nice restaurant. OK, you can go back to looking at her photo now. (Alex Ursoveic photo)
But then watch the video, which I paused at the right spot in this screencap, and you see the same girl is apparently named "Natasha".

So, er, what's up with that?


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