The tunafish sandwich commundrum

Okay, its time we as a society settled this once and for all.

When is a good time to use real mayonnaise, and when is a good time to use Miracle Whip?

This is probably the most important issue that Third Edge of the Sword has ever tackled, so let's get it right.

Some times, the extra tang of Miracle Whip is extremely important. Other times, that smooth egg-gy flavour of mayonnaise just hits the spot. I am currently trying to make tuna sandwiches, and I don't know which substance I should mix in... my instinct says Miracle Whip, but I don't remember.

So what foods are Miracle Whip best for, and which for mayonnaise. I will make the definitive list below. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below, or send to my Twitter page.

Miracle WhipMayonnaise
Cold turkey sandwichChicken burger
Ham sandwich
Tuna new

Update, November 22 12:57pm: We have our answer on tuna sandwiches. Please feel free to suggest further additions in the comments.