97th Grey Cup thoughts

This is sort of a liveblog, but don't expect regular updates.

Normie Kwong is doing the coin flip. This is incredibly better than Michelle Jean being involved.

The trouble with Grey Cups selling out early is that team fans can't make the game. McMahon Stadium isn't nearly the sea of green that the areas of Calgary have been this weekend. There are good green pockets everywhere, but unlike a Toronto Grey Cup where you can buy 2/3rds of seats in the final week, the Wheatherders here had to pre-plan a little.

Cold Lake planes are doing flybys over McMahon. Its certainly nice-ish weather in Alberta. Here's my prediction now: the 98th Grey Cup in Edmonton is going to be snowy, cold, and extremely miserable: -20, that's my call. Book it.

I think I've figured out the ideal solution: After 13 overtimes, the score is still tied at 0-0. As the last Montreal player and Roughrider collapse into unconsciousness recovering a fumble, Normie Kwong scoops it up, runs into the endzone, and wins the Grey Cup on behalf of the province of Alberta.

Saskatchewan scored a field goal and now a TD. 10-0 Riders, and my 0-0 fantasy comes to a crashing halt.

Saskatchewan is winning 17-3 at the half. Blue Rodeo is playing their only hit. Hmmm, did organizers know the Stubble Bumpkins were going to be playing? The halftime act seems tailor-made for them. And there are lots of them in the stands. I smell a fix!

With fans from across the country, Saskatchewan is apparently following the Pittsburgh Steelers (c. 1977) model of community team building. On par to lose their fourth or fifth consecutive Grey Cup game, Montreal is apparently following the Boston Red Sox (c. 1986) model of community team building.

Wow, what an ending, eh? Saskatchewan leads with 21 seconds on the clock and Montreal possession: first pass is ruled incomplete, and the video replay refuses to overturn the ruling, so Montreal gets one last play, gains some yards, and tries to kick from about the 45 yard line as the clock runs to 0:00. It fails, and as the ball is being kicked 100 penalty flags fly: it turns out Saskatchewan had too many men on the field! Ten yard penalty, and Montreal scores (and wins) on the next play! Epic. Absolutely epic.

Can you put an entire province on suicide watch? All I know is whoever the 13th man was on the field will never be allowed into Saskatchewan again... its like those South American players who blow soccer matches. For his own safety he has to move.

Saskatchewan always talks about their 13th man. Well their 14th man totally screwed them up: they have to quit with the 14th man stuff.