Non Christmas Musical Interlude

You all remember the tales of Chang, Martok, and Kang, my three friends acquaintences in the hockey pool my buddy runs. Well, Martok is an actual friend, the other two by relation. Anyways, there's another infamous baseball/hockey pooler in the group (we shall dub Kruge) who is most famous for being a thirty year old queer pedophile virgin. At least one of these attributes is accurate, we may have made the other ones up. I forget which one it is. Anyways, this video is for him (not the least of which because the green-hat-wearing guy in the backseat is an awfully accurate resemblance:

Easy mother-#$*^&*@ing E:

That song by Kings of Leon that gets mega-overplayed on Sonic:

Peter Frampton asking if we feel like he does in 1976. Jeff Burges (sp?) on K97's "Legends of Classic Rock" segment mention his use of that weird talkbox gizmo:

The classic "Doctor McCoy" by sci-fi themed 90s pop band S.P.O.C.K.:
S.P.O.C.K. - Dr McCoy Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" as done by anthromorphic raisins. We think some people in the 1980s were high on drugs, odd as it may seem: Depeche Mode did a cover of the classic Nat King Cole song that was a major blues/swing song for many years. About the same time, Route 66 itself was removed from the roster of highways. This can't be a coincidence: What's more disturbing than German techno? German techno and naked puppets: