A modest Senate proposal

The announcement today of 18 Senators Stephen Harper is nominating to the slightly-less-Red-than-yesterday Chamber left me a little underwhelmed. Pamela Wallin worked for the CBC, for crying out loud. Mike Duffy is okay, and Nancy Greene was apparently the most dyke-looking heterosexual athlete available. The rest seem fairly dull. I had some better ideas, broken down by province:

Que - Don Cherry, Shane Doan, Preston Manning
Ont - Ralph Klein, Mike Harris
Nfld - Stephen Harper

You might think this list somewhat... odd. The first thing you might observe is that I'm certainly not going to win a lot of supporters if I was the one making this move. There would be a lot of anger, violent mobs, big protests, etc. etc. etc.

And thus the beauty of it. As perturbed crowds raised more and more hell over the move, Prime Minister Harper has a quick and easy comeback.

If you had wanted a different Senator to represent you, you should have voted for them.