Catchy, but can you dance to it?

A friend on vacation in the U.S. reported in this morning. It turns out that Idaho's state motto is Esto perpetua -- Let It Be Perpetual -- not Amo Saskatchewan vacuus tripudium -- Like Saskatchewan Without the Excitement -- as I previously had thought.

Speaking of Wheat Herder territory, living in Alberta right now is going to be tough between your friends from B.C. braggng about beating Saskatchewan 27-21 last night and friends from Saskatchewan crying about losing to B.C. 21-27 last night.

Even worse, B.C.'s victory coupled with the Blue Bombers beating Hamilton on Thursday means that Edmonton's upcoming game against Montreal will be burdened with bad karma: two of the three teams not in Ottawa with the strongest claims on the "ownership" of the late Ron Lancaster have lost their games following his death. If Montreal wins today, it will be a clean sweep for the Grim Reaper this weekend in the CFL.