Breaking news: Jack Layton's wife defects to the Conservatives

Jack Layton, as per usual, was going around earlier this week sounding like an idiot:

The New Democrat leader told reporters outside a Petro-Canada gas station here, where a litre of regular goes for $1.35, that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has failed Canadians by refusing to create a separate consumer protection branch.
Er, gas in B.C. is high because of Gordon Campbell's efforts to fight "global warming". If Jack Layton really wants gas prices in B.C. to drop, all he has to do is outlaw any silly carbon plans; from cap-and-trade to carbon tax, if none of them can be enacted by provincial governments then gas won't be so expensive in Lotusland. Of course, I'm sure Layton and his cronies would be the first to accuse Harper of being a control freak by advocating the feds coming in and taking away provincial responsibilities.

Anyways, it was about this time that Layton really started going off the deep end.
"Campbell slapped on his carbon tax and hurt families here in B.C. Bay Street Harper let it happen. He says he's against it now, but his Bay Street ministers sing a different tune," the NDPer said.
Jack Layton needs to brush up on his geography. Or else be better in the sack so his wife isn't adultering on him with some Conservative Party staffer. Because Bay Street is in downtown Toronto. The Conservatives don't have any MPs in Toronto, let alone ministers. In fact, Bay Street is in the riding of Trinity-Spadina (which Wikipedia describes as "the most left-leaning in Toronto and has voted NDP provincially for a number of years").

Who's the MP for Trinity-Spadina? Why if it isn't Olivia Chow, Jack Layton's wife. Is she the "Bay Street ministers" advising Harper?

You'd better stop campaigning Jack and go give her a good poke before she ends up moving to Jasper and running for the Tories in Yellowhead!