Breaking news: pinkos in B.C. smoke cannibus

Harper's campaign gaffes are catching: A candidate for the NDP in British Columbia has resigned over video surfaced of him consuming large amounts of drugs and then driving.

The first thought that came to my mind was is it possible to be an NDP supporter in B.C. and not be a drug addict? Come to think of it, don't you have to be a serious drug user to even think of voting for the Dipper morons?

Even more insight comes from commenter "Andy" on the Times-Colonist's article online I link to above:

Now you know why so many of these guys are against sending troops to Afghanistan. The taliban also make their money off the drug trade, and who wants to fight a brother in arms?
This is more than a half-decent point, and for all the rallying the left wing morons do about "we're only in Iraq for oil" (again forgetting that many of the countries opposed to the Iraq war were illegally funding Saddam during the UN embargo), remember that Layton and his NDP buddies have their own selfish (and corrupt) reasons for their own policies on the matter of international politics.