RIP Charlie Daniels

On Saturday I posted about July Fourth and embedded a YouTube video of Charlie Daniels' immortal "This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag.

Yesterday, Charlie Daniels died.

Obviously all the obituaries you'll be seeing make reference to his greatest hit: "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". You may recall it appeared on this blog six years ago mainly to bemoan how bad his PG-rated "sequel" song was. It's a good song, I enjoy it.

But in deference to my father's favourite Charlie Daniels song, let's give a classic listen to his "Uneasy Rider" (or as he always thought it was named, "Ballad of the Uneasy Rider"):

Rest in peace, Charlie. Shame you both lived long enough to witness the leftist destruction of the country you loved but not long enough to watch us slaughter them in the upcoming civil war.