Wuhan Flu "Systemic Racism" means an end to immigration

Last month I wrote about how, using Shiny Pony's own logic against him, Canada needs to end all immigration.

Well curiously enough, with the myth of systemic racism going round many of the same public policy points are true: if systemic racism is a problem in Canada, then why are we allowing any nonwhite immigrants into Canada?

The theory is that Canada is a horrible racist country. Again, your expert in these matters is a man by the name of Trudeau, from Queerbec. This is his theory. It says that Canada is horribly unfair to nonwhites, and that they are constantly mistreated and maligned to the point that their lives are in jeopardy. This isn't a "bad apples" thing either: by this theory everything in Canada is racist and causing them harm.

So the question becomes, why are we putting these blacks at risk by bringing them from Africa and the Caribbean to Canada? Yes yes, the immigration fetishists keep telling us about all the good immigrants can do, and whether they are right or wrong this is very ethnocentric of them. Even if immigration is so good for Canada, if it's bad for the immigrants we're being awfully scummy bringing so many of them in. And as usual by "we" I mean Rat Bastard 2.0 and the rest of the Laurentian Elite.

Okay, fine, if you're thinking about this for more than thirty seconds you'll also ask the question "wait if Canada is so bad why are they all coming here?" After all, this isn't 1911 where Canada basically conned Germans and Ukranians into moving out to Alberta by showing them false pictures of what Canada would be like. Presumably Kenyan immigrants to Toronto can WhatsApp and email friends back home saying "don't come here, it's so rayyyciiisttt" and the flow of immigrants would cease naturally.

If this logic sounds vaguely familiar by the way, We The Internet did a video about this just over a year ago:

The point stands: if these caring leftists were really so anxious to protect fragile ethnic minorities why are they not doing more to keep immigrants away from Trump's America. But if the racism is "systemic" then it's not Trump's America but just plain old America (or Canada, in this particular case). After all, if Canada is really that rotten, who could want to subject those poor dark skinned folks to such a hellhole?

Where's white guilt when you need it?