Your funny of the day

Where Sheila Reid, Cory Morgan, Patrick Ross, Dean Skoreyko, and... far-left Steyn-hater Dr. Dawg are all part of a massive conspiracy to beat a self-acknowledged fat loser up.

And they're all -- including the idiot who wrote this -- "Pro oil, oil sands, gun."

And all, apparently, under investigation by corrupt Edmonton cops. Or perhaps not

Update, 6:11pm:

As well, Peter has made several updates to the page, including removing Dawg's name from his "attack list" and...well, removing any mention of any actual physical attack. In fact, the entire article has been whitewashed to remove any reference to people showing up at his house to assault him. Now, it merely says:
I was sitting in my office doing some website work for a client when all of a sudden I get attacked by a woman on Twitter
And then Ales Hemsky got traded.