Cowardly Don Iveson gets Uber wrong too

Today, in a laughable showing that makes anybody aware of classical economics fall off their chairs in utter shock, Edmonton cab drivers have protested Uber taking their business by making sure that the public who wanted a ride today could only use Uber.

As with so many things, our chickenshit mayor Don Iveson expresses his contempt for the citizenry.

The city has been quite clear on our position on what is a legitimate cab and what isn’t and the consequences have been made quite clear to anybody operating outside the current rules
The consequences, you two-bit sack of pig slime, are that people are finding they generally like Uber better. It isn't for everybody, and the surge prices chase a lot of people away, but just like the last time you opened your useless mouth on a traffic issue, you show us all just how statist and clueless you truly are.

The next time I use Uber, I'll be sure to let you know. You'll hide from it, of course. You're a coward.