The slut was asking for it (no, the other one!)

I can't believe I hadn't noticed this one. Two Third Edge of the Sword controversial posts are connected:

From yesterday: Edmonton Slut Walk refuses to acknowledge that sometimes the girl who got raped did so because she acted like a slut and paid the price

From 2006: Edmonton gangster loving girls refuse to acknowledge that sometimes girls like Lily Tran are murdered because she wanted to be a rich gangster's boyfriend and paid the price

As I wrote at the time:

Remember thug-girls, the bling bling makes you feel great for a bit, and then your drug-dealing boyfriends get you pumped full of lead. Remember that when you turn down guys like me for the 50-Cent dream:

In both cases, here I am blaming the victim? Why? Because sometimes the victim makes a horrible mistake and deserved what she got.