Edmonton fixing the wrong traffic problems again

The City of Edmonton is working on reducing the smooth flow of traffic:

Crews are removing two traffic circles and continue to make changes to intersections, where 47 per cent of 28,480 collisions occurred in 2010.

“Some have a right laneway, instead of a T-junction where you would stop,” said Boutilier. “People have got into a lot of accidents in those particular areas.”

For those keeping score, the three worst intersections in the city are:
  1. 137 Ave and 97 St
  2. 118 Ave and Groat Road
  3. Yellowhead Trail and 127 St

The top three collision causes (53% of which don't happen at intersections, by the way) are:
  1. Following too close
  2. Striking parked vehicles
  3. Improper lane changes

True enough two of the three intersections in question have a right laneway. But then again, lots of intersections have the right laneway. All along 137th Avenue, or 170th Street, or 23rd Avenue, or 34th Avenue, or 75th Street are these same type of intersections. 95th Ave at 170 St, to pick a close-to-home example, easily has as much traffic volume at 97th and 137th. Maybe it's time to look at other factors? [Hey, isn't there an asian grocery store at 137th and 97th? -ed]

Also note that the Groat Road accidents are possibly because Groat Road, rather than a normal traffic circle like anybody on the planet would understand, inexplicably has stop lights on it? (Incidentally, Groat/118 is staying a traffic circle, though the stoplights are still up in the air). How counter-intuitive can you get?

Oh...that would certainly qualify. How many accidents at Groat and 118th occur from somebody thinking that, insanely, the left lane must turn left and the right lane can go right or turn left. Like in every other intersection in the city. Between traffic lights and that turn system, no wonder Groat "traffic circle" is in so much trouble.

But then Mayor McCheese shows his usual degree of intelligence:
On Tuesday, Mayor Stephen Mandel expressed concern about the city’s injury collision rate per 1,000. In 2009, Edmonton’s (at 6.65) was higher than those in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

“The numbers show we’re not being very successful,” said Mandel,

He wants to see more street-based enforcement such as 24-hour ticket programs and the speed-on-green cameras.
Hey genius, guess what both the Yellowhead/127 and 137/97 intersections feature? Speed-on-fucking-green cameras. They didn't work, did they? When Mandel says he wants more here, he's basically saying he wants more money. Likewise, "speeding" isn't on this list, phantom crime that it is, which is the only thing these "24 hour ticket programs" ever cover. When was the last time these ticket programs made sure people stayed in the correct lane while making the right turn at 119th St and 23rd Ave? Hell, at that same Yellowhead/127 intersection drivers never turn left into the right lane (lane control is in effect). If you devote police resources to the wrong cause, don't be surprised to see that the accident rate climbs even as the money in your greasy palms keeps flowing. Maybe, just maybe, Mandel should ditch the speed-on-green cameras (I wonder how many accidents are caused or almost caused by people doing what I and every other sane person now does: gun the engine to 110 km/hr or faster and then slam the brakes to the speed limit just in time for the intersection).