TSN's Paint Drying Friday

So this afternoon TSN decided that nobody in their viewing audience deserved to be entertained.

Not only did they show golf, it was the President's Cup, surely the most boring golf tournament of the year (and that's saying a lot).

After that was over? TSN Fantasy Hockey played. What's that? Get this: 4 different TSN personalities held a fantasy draft. And it made it on the air. An hour of watching 4 guys pick fantasy hockey players. [not even something that thrilling: they just flashed the text up of who drafted whom -ed]

Anyways, there is a good reason that I haven't posted anything hockey related lately. I have in fact joined the political gurus at North of 49 Hockey, a new blog where bitter political rivals try their hands at being bitter sports rivals. So far I've discussed Robbie Schremp's ego, a Mike Myers upcoming Maple Leafs movie, and a negative look into the Oilers upcoming season.