For the next significant other, I could certainly do worse than Naked News anchor Alex Pantos:

Greek by birth, Alex and her family came to Canada when she was an infant. With an older sister always ready to egg her on, Alex showed off her natural spark very early. Famous among her relatives and neighbors for her willingness to tell jokes or put on a skit, it was always obvious she’d end up in front of the cameras.

Alex has brains as well as beauty, and graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialty of math and statistics. Many of her favorite number problems involved deciding whether or not to hand hers out to the men who approached her at clubs.

After graduation, rather than heading straight to the boardroom, where her immense personality would be stifled, Alex decided on a career path allowing her more freedom. With a passion for fitness, she soon became a Pilates instructor, competing in fitness shows and bikini contests.