Flyin' Ryan...in my pants

There are probably a lot more of you who've watched the Red Letter Media review of Flyin' Ryan than have actually watched the movie.

Don't feel too bad about it, I'm among your ranks. Anyways, since this was RLM before they got overly sensitive about offending women, there was a gag where Mike referred to the 12 year old character of Nicki as a "smoking hot latina".

Well to disappoint Mike, the actress is Genève Rupert and she is indeed not latina (she was born in Germany). She's also been in exactly one other movie, 2017's short film Mackenzie where she doesn't even appear in the non-expanded IMDB credits.

She's a real hit on the (believe it or not, 100% real) website WikiFeet however.

You can also see her on the ShareGrid site and the horribly coded website of the Patrick McMullan Company when she attended the "Super Saturday 14" even in New York in 2011.