@iamcelinacc - why do Red Indians always need help from whites to build a water well?

Why can't Beetabun Moonias build her own well?

I mean there are a lot of unanswered questions here. You could ask why Celina Caesar-Chavannes can't build this little girl a well either, or at least pay somebody to do it. You may note that instead she is implicitly insisting that the Canadian taxpayer (overwhelmingly white) pay somebody to build her well.

I don't know Beetabun Moonias, is she an orphan? If not, couldn't mommy or daddy (heh, that's funny) build a well for their family (and by extension the child)? Even if they work full time (heh, that's even funnier) they could work on the well evenings and weekends, maybe hold a work bee (rapidly becoming guffaws) where all the Red Indians on the Neskantanga Reserve (to be future stylized as Neskafe) band together and help out a needy member of their community?

You might think of my suggestions as cold-hearted or ridiculous, which instantly says something very bad about you: are you unaware that for millions of Canadians (again, overwhelmingly white) digging a well was a prerequisite of living in their rural home? Why can these white people do it, but Red Indians like the Moonias family are left running away to a (white) settlement like Thunder Bay where the white taxpayers have already paid for infrastructure for their own fresh water?

According to StatsCan, 6.3 million Canadians lived in rural areas in 2011, and while they didn't all have to build their own wells, some proportion of the roughly 2.2 million Canadians who lived in rural areas in 1861 did have to provide their own fresh drinking water, and so on and so forth in the years in between. Strangely enough, these millions of white people got themselves fresh water even without authors crying on Twitter for more welfare

It's right in the tweet by the way: the Neskafe Indians claim to be a "first nation": so why don't they raise money by taxing the economic activity (haha!) on their reserve and use that money to fund fresh water? Or fund their own welfare program where their "nation" pays for Beetabun's family to get a free well?

Predictably, just like the Loon Lake Indians who apparently can't put water on a fire without white man's help, the Neskafe Indians can't put water in a drinking glass without whitey paying in the sweat and/or coinage in order to make it happen. What's with these guys, are they allergic to water or something?

Now I know what you're thinking: if she's in Thunder Bay then the Neskafe Indians must be that band just outside of the city where you can buy cheap gas (since Red Indians despite their endless lies on the subject are tax-exempt in many avenues), which means she lives right by Lake Freaking Superior. You would be wrong though: it's actually right by our good lazy friends in Attawapiskat (previously seen demonstrating the difference between a failed government audit and merely an observation for improvement in accounting practices). 

However since we're in the neighbourhood and on the subject, how did Neskafe Indians do in their mandatory audit? Take it away, Conservative MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Cathy McLeod:

There's one band, Neskantaga, where the auditor said he was unable to satisfy himself over the completeness, existence, and valuation of capital assets. This has been for a couple of years now. Are they in third party management? What is the plan for that particular band?

So by March 2017 the Moonias live in a band which has for several years failed their government audit: all evidence speaks to misappropriated funds and (mostly white) tax dollars being wasted. If you go back on that link from my blog about the variance of $3.1B in federal government spending, both the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) and I note that the auditor was satisfied with the audit: for those who have been involved in financial audits before the Harper incident was a "OI" or "opportunity for improvement". Much different from an "NC" (nonconformity) and certainly different from the auditor flat out refusing to sign off on the audit which apparently is what had happened in Neskafe in 2015 (and possibly 2014 and possibly 2016 and possibly ever since, it's hard to know if the 2016 audit was complete for the House of Commons at the time of McLeod's questions.

Did Celina Caesar-Chavannes know about the auditor discovering that Beetabun Moonias lives in band who has been failing audits and presumably also mismanaging the money taxpayers have already been sending her (in part) to provide clean drinking water? Probably not: like all brainless SJW activists she just uses this girl as a bludgeon to imply that hateful whitey isn't doing enough and is responsible for killing her. However the fact that you need to dig a well or treatment facility or something to obtain potable water wasn't invented by the white man or "capitalism" or any other leftist boogeyman: it's a fundamental fact of the world we live in, an inescapable fact (which is in a way a boogeyman to the left anyways).

Actually going back to last month's talk about Columbus Day, let's imagine a world just like the SJWs wanted: no Europeans ever set foot on Canadian soil. The Red Indians of Neskafe and Attawapiskat continue to live their nomadic lifestyle around the thousands of unnamed freshwater lakes in their corner of Northern Ontario (roughly same latitude as Saskatoon). No let's ask a crazy question.

How would Beetabun Moonias be receiving their fresh water?

After all, there wouldn't be any whiteman government in Ottawa to petition to. Red Indians are highly unlikely to have invented copper pipes or pumps or radios to even receive boil water advisories on. Wouldn't Moonias be just as screwed, in fact moreso, in this magical world where we left her savage culture intact? Instead of boiling water from the taps to make it safe, she'd have to go scoop it out of the lake "as-is", which anybody who goes camping knows you're warned not to do. Maybe there are some faster moving streams where she and her family could have gone in this scenario to get more-or-less potable water.

So why can't they do this now? And stop blaming whitey for their apparent allergy to water (and/or hard work).

Bonus hilarity: The Shiny Pony helps deliver water bottles to an Indian Reserve during a photo-op, yet another example of white people apparently being required intermediaries in order for Red Indians to get fresh water. Hey wait, isn't he also banning water bottles? Awkward!