McDonalds $1 Drink Days (offer not available when your Premier has an illegitimate sexual orientation)

It's back! Even though summer doesn't technically come until June 21st, May-long weekend marks the return of McDonald's $1 Summer Drink Days! It's always a fun time, and marks the end of my consumption of fries since the burger and the $1 large is always the best bargain. It's also a constant reminder that McDonald's (and all fast-food companies) Jew you on the drinks the other 8½ months of the year...it's not like Micky D's is taking a loss even selling you a large Sprite for $1. It was like when McDonald's dropped the price of the Big Xtra in the early 2000s to $1.50 to compete with Burger King: it turned out the years they spend charging you $3.45 for the exact same burger was all just because that's the price you dumbly paid.

Even though it feels great now, it always burns me that the promotion ends after the September long weeekend: on September 4th McDonald's drinks go back to their (even more) overpriced regular price.

However my keen eye noticed something that made my heart skip when I looked at the McDonald's website today...the dreaded legal asterisk next to the "$1".

Wait, are they making it $1 pre-tax? I briefly thought, until I remembered that this has been the norm for years: show up at McDonalds with a loonie and ask for a drink, they'll ask you where your nickel is. So what could this be? Well it turns out that not everybody in the country gets $1 drink days...a certain bumfuck province being run by an evil dyke is exempted...

That's right, "offer may vary in Southwestern Ontario". The land of the 13% PST and the carbon tax even worse than Alberta's has apparently raised the cost of living so much that McDonald's can't make money on a 3.57x profit margin. Indeed, a little searching reveals that a large Coke in SW Ontario is going to cost you a whopping $1.50 (plus 13% PST)..

Why is McDonald's charging $1.50 for a large soda/pop/ fountain drink in southwestern Ontario???
I was in London today and they charged $1.50.
Yesterday I was in Mississauga and they charged $1 for a large.
I went on the mobile app and entered different McDonald's locations and they were almost all $1 for a large pop in most of Southern Ontario. When I checked Chatham, it was $1.50.

What makes pop more expensive in Southwestern Ontario? I'd like to know
I know why, kiss0136. I know exactly why...