Trump was right

Germany has been hit by waves of crime committed by migrants.

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

And Germany has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

Adding to the country's woes is the fact that thousands of people have gone missing after travelling there on invitation from Anegla Merkel.

Germany took in more than 1.1million migrants in the past year and parts of the country are crippled with a lack of infrastructure.
Horrible stuff, eh? Just the sort of thing that Trump and his supporters have warned about bringing into America
According to a report by the international policy council the Gatestone Institute, local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit.

The report states: "The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has drawn renewed attention to the spiralling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants in cities and towns across Germany.
"During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, an increase of nearly 40 per cent over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught.

"Thousands of migrants who entered the country as 'asylum seekers' or 'refugees' have gone missing. They are, presumably, economic migrants who entered Germany on false pretences.

"Many are thought to be engaging in robbery and criminal violence."

According to Freddi Lohse of the German Police Union in Hamburg, many migrant offenders view the leniency of the German justice system as a green light to continue delinquent behaviour, says the report.
Much like the case in "sanctuary cities" like San Fransisco and Los Angeles (currently in the grip of violent anti-Trump protests), allowing lawlessness under a guise of "compassion" bites you in the ass: the people invading your country are not "compassionate" people. Nor, clearly, are the ones demanding such legislated compassion in the first place. An article like this drives home a lot about what Trump has been saying.

Good thing he won.

Bonus Gatestone Institute content: here they are denouncing the Canadian Parliament for "renouncing "Islamophobia".

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