"Look man, I work fourteen hours a day at the saw mill. I just got off work and I need to relax."

Sarah Hoffman, the fatty MLA who became health minister, announced over the weekend that the NDP government will be banning the sale of menthol cigarettes.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman made the announcement Sunday after Premier Rachel Notley hinted at a complete ban on flavoured tobacco earlier in the week.

The government claims the move is an effort to protect young people from starting smoking and help prevent cancer.
First off, didn't we just have an election campaign last month? Did you remember hearing anything about a ban on menthol cigarettes? If this was such a critical issue that the NDP will enact this ban before even their much-ballyhooed minimum wage hike, why didn't we hear anything about this during the campaign? Is this part of a big government nanny state secret agenda that the NDP have been working on? (Answer: yes).

So what else has the NDP been planning to do for months that they lied and deceived Albertans about during the election? What else is on the NDP secret agenda?

Secondly, and this is a minor point but worth considering, look at this retarded statement by chubby retard Hoffman:
Hoffman said an underground market isn’t something she’s particularly concerned about. “I personally think Albertans in general follow the law and if something is illegal for purchase I think that they will probably respect that,” she explained.
Apropos of nothing, 8.4% of Albertans smoke marijuana which is illegal. In other words, according to this fat slob Hoffman, the same Albertans who flaunt marijuana laws are going to be totally subservient to her new menthol ban.

Finally, does this sound familiar to you? Does it seem like you've heard this before? Well, you have, but not in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. No, you've seen the Sarah Hoffman The Unhealthy Health Minister before, at least you had if you'd seen Yes, Prime Minister. The episode "The Smokescreen" covers smoking bans and higher cigarette taxes, and covers a lot of the ground that Sue Hoffman isn't smart enough or energetic enough to look into. For one, smokers save the British NHS a shitload of money by dying before the really expensive healthcare treatments come into play. This probably won't be good news to any smokers trying to plead their case, but it at least does so, convincingly. In other words, all the liberals trying to use financing the public healthcare system as their justification is out of luck. (Of course, as I'd noted, if there's a problem with publicly funded healthcare and the costs of funding people's lifestyle choices, the solution is to get rid of the publicly funded healthcare). Anyways, the episode ends with pro-smoking advocate Leslie Potts, who coughs so much he can't even thank the Prime Minister for the plum cabinet role, as the Minister of Health. While he's the nicotine-addict and Hoffman is more like the pork-belly-addict, the parallels are pretty similar.

Okay, it's not a perfect metaphor, but that's okay, I have one better. As so often happens, it's South Park. You may recall I've done a few South Park sidebars when their episode touches on a current political issue. But this is even bigger. They made an entire episode entirely about Sarah Hoffman.

Don't believe me? I actually put together a video related to the South Park episode below. If you don't mind the sound being half a tick off for the entire episode you can watch the actual episode online here.

In the seventh season episode "Butt Out", anti-smoking crusaders are so lame and square that they actually encourage more youth smoking than they prevent, and so the town of South Park calls on anti-smoking activist Rob Reiner to come to town and eliminate smoking.

The gag is, just like Sarah Hoffman, Rob Reiner is a fatso who has no problem scarfing down a plate of cheeseburgers and becoming the size of a small planetoid. Yet when it comes to smoking, there's no restrictions on the liberties of others that's too small in order to serve the cause. At several times in the South Park episode it's shown that smoking, whether or not it's bad for you, is something that adults do that make them happy. Rob Reiner and Sarah Hoffman absolutely hate that somebody is enjoying themselves in pursuit of this vice, which at the end of the episode Stan calls Reiner out on. Even when "children" are supposedly saved -- bans on smoking in bars in the South Park episode, bans on underage teens buying cigarettes in modern rights-restricted Alberta -- the moral crusader continues on, banning things because somewhere somehow a citizen is enjoying themselves with it.

And so it is in Rachel Notley's NDP government: the fat healthcare minister is really worried about your vice but the sycophants who love this disgusting party assure us she'll get around to restricting the sort of stuff she loves sucking in her mouth any (day/week/election cycle) now.

The government of course shouldn't be getting involved in either issue, and there's no argument in favour of the methol ban that makes any rational sense whatsoever. Again, kids are smoking marijuana which is far less legal today than Hoffman will make menthol cigarettes in September. Meanwhile it actually hurts actual adults: those who like smoking menthols and those who make a living selling it to you. That's another blow to an economy that's already reflexively flinching knowing further assaults by the NDP are coming. Meanwhile what we ingest isn't something that should be regulated in the name of our personal health either. Again, remember from above that the "saves the healthcare system" argument doesn't hold any water.

Even if it did hold water, of course, this isn't a strike against unhealthy diets or drug ingestion habits, it's a strike against public healthcare in general. If the two options are to ban unhealthy lifestyle habits (and the NDP should be careful, since sodomite MLA Michael Connolly's lifestyle is even more unhealthy than Hoffman's) in order to save the bottom line of an overwhelmed and already bloated public healthcare system, or to abolish such a system entirely and increase rather than decrease the freedom in Alberta, obviously the latter is the best option. If the health minister has a problem with smoking, it's probably easier to just get rid of the health minister.

Of course, both figuratively and literally, you won't be able to dislodge the Alberta NDP's Health Minister with a fork truck.

Because she's a fat fat fat fattie, get it?

The list of people who noticed the rather unhealthy lifestyle of the minister attacking other lifestyles as unhealthy, of course, forms right over there. There were no shortage of people snickering about our fat health minister as soon as she was named. Whether you disagree with that or not is a matter of some debate, but one thing I will make perfectly clear.

As soon as Sarah Hoffman started banning menthols and interfering in the liberties of Albertan citizens, every single insult became 100% acceptable.

That's right, 100% acceptable. Call her an ugly fat cow until you're blue in the face. Make jokes about her being a whale, a cow, a sow, and even a tuna. For her crimes against the people of Alberta children should spend all day throwing rocks at her. Taunt her, insult her, rip into her every single personal flaw until she has a nervous breakdown and cries herself into a rubber room. For freedom-haters like her, nothing is nor should be off limits. Don't stop. Keep it up. Ideally the pressure will get too much for her [so at least in that regard she'll match the zipper on her pants. -ed] and she'll resign in disgrace and humiliation.

This will serve two useful purposes. First, it will send a clear message to the NDP overlords that we Albertans are going to at best ignore their edicts, at worse actively and violently resist them. Secondly, especially post-Drever, it will deprive them of another seat. The majority might be safe for Rachel Arab right now, but there's a long long five years coming and every one of them we pick off now is another byelection to get the Wildrose in there.

Of course, the big story stemming from the disgusting action by this fat disgusting slob of a Health Minsiter is the comments of Jordan Lien, who's accused of "body-shaming" Hoffman.
In a Facebook post, southern Alberta vice-president Jordan Lien body-shamed Health Minister Sarah Hoffman and suggested her decision Sunday to ban the sale of menthol tobacco products should be followed by a ban on sweets and soda.

“Our morbidly obese Health Minister Sarah Hoffman is going to ban the sale of menthol tobacco produces in Alberta as of September,” Lien wrote. “I would assume then that if health is the chief concern, that all sodas, candy, processed sugar products … and fast foods ... should then follow?”

Lien apologized for the comments, which was his big mistake. Never apologize to these people. Ever. He called his own remarks "dumb" (which, they weren't, they spoke to the fact the minister singled out other people to be the victims of her policy-making) and "insensitive" (which, sure they are, but as per above Hoffman is a fat statist bitch who deserves no less).

PC leader Rick McIver (who, it must be noted, does not directly have the ability to discipline or fire Lien) gets a C+ grade for his rather amateurish comments regarding the incident.
After learning of the incident, PC interim leader Ric McIver said while comments on policy are always acceptable, personal comments are not.

“I will have a discussion with the author of the comments,” McIver said. “All Albertans are must be respected. All Albertans must be treated with dignity.”
He didn't completely call for Lien's head which I suppose is better than nothing, but he also let the narrative be about Lien.

This story isn't about Lien's bad behaviour, it's about Hoffman's. Don't let the fat cow redirect the story like this. McIver should have tried something more along the lines of this one.:
As PC leader I will strive to ensure that all those involved with our party clearly and decisively denounce policies enacted by this government that negatively impact Albertans. These policies are wrong regardless of individuals who implement them, and I have grave concerns about government policy being set over a weekend in secret meetings without consulting the stakeholders impacted by them. As we've seen with Mr. Lien, people can get very emotional and hot-headed when discussing policy and can speak in ways that distracts us from the issues at hand. I implore this government to consider the implications of their policies before acting, and be aware that as they take away the rights and freedoms and livelihoods of Albertans this comes at a price, and the price for that is going to be criticism of their actions. Lien's comments were not born in a vacuum, but rather frustration over a government making a move widely seen as one-sided and hypocritical, without providing any suitable forum for opposing views to be heard and considered. If this government continues to try and mould Alberta in their socialist image, they will continue to be resisted.

With a statement such as that, McIver forces Rachel Arab onto the defensive and instead the talk goes immediately back to the policy.

If further questioned, McIver could try to couch it a little (but not much more than that!) in the language of apology and reconciliation, but always warn that freedom has taken a step back in Alberta and all Albertans need to be vigilant and not be bogged down over nonsensical social-justice-warrior buzzwords like "body-shaming". This term, meant to stifle any debate about the hypocritical behaviour of Rachel Arab's government, is a classic of the far-left and their ludicrous worldview of micro-triggers and the like.

What we can say definitively isn't that there's nothing "sexist" about Lien's comments, which is why cowardly twits like far-left University of Alberta lobbyist Cristina Stasia are the go-to quote machine for the CBC. Besides having too much cushion for the pushin' herself, cowardly Stasia shows her retardation when she describes Lien's comments as "sexist" and "targeted" at her gender.

To prove cowardly Stasia wrong, here's the entire text of Lien's comments.
So if I'm understanding this correctly...our morbidly obese Health Minister Sarah Hoffman is going to ban the sale of menthol tobacco products in Alberta as of September. Where does the nanny state begin and end? I would assume then that if health is the chief concern, that all sodas, candy, processed sugar products (all bazillion of them) and fast foods, etc. should then follow? As well as as all flavoured liquor products etc? Ridiculous.
The closest thing to a "gender" reference in there is the word "nanny" [and, I suppose if you're feeling charitable, "Sarah" is a gender reference. -ed], he doesn't even use a female pronoun in his comments: it's written in second person as if he's talking to Hoffman herself (or a menthol-ban supporter). The CBC is just going off on a "sexism" tangent here for no good reason.

Shit, as we've been flooded with news stories about to make abundantly clear, there are tons of women in the NDP caucus. Since they're NDP, they'll be denouncing bad policy. Since they're women, cowards like Stasia will call any complaints about what they do "sexist". As the Patton quote (from the movie, not the man, the man never said this) above mentions, what's a ruffle to the Minister's pride really worth? This is politics, and while not quite as bloodthirsty as war it's also not really that less vigorous and intense.

Will the sensitive little princesses in the Alberta NDP whimper and cry and run to the CBC with tales of "sexism" after every mean conservative points out that hundreds of hardworking men will be unemployed due to whatever stupid economic policy they've decided on this week? In plainer English, are the NDP womenfolk man enough to handle the political arena?

If not, then resign. If so, prove it. This week at least, your XX chromosomes have proven not quite up to the task.