This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race

Today on the steps of the Alberta Legislature pro-sodomy activists will be doing what they do best.

Ok, no, not that, what they do second best: having a public protest because the Alberta Legislature stood up to their agenda and decided that faggot-not faggot alliances won't be made mandatory in schools.

Of course, we here at Third Edge of the Sword already brought you this story, and thanked the many of you who phoned and wrote your MLAs to express your concern over this disgusting push by the provincial government to force a group into your schools that you had no way of stopping.

What you may not have read though, is this little note a few years ago about public meetings that take place in the middle of the week:

Anyways, the City of Edmonton plans to hold a public hearing, for some sort of reason. When? Monday, June 14th in City Hall, at 3pm.

No, seriously, when?

Nope, no kidding: at 3pm on a Monday afternoon, when the only people who would be attending are homeless people, minimum wage shift workers, or students. Now its probably a moot point at this level, but it got me thinking: is this maybe the reason that so many stupid ideas (that socialists are in favour of) get passed off as crème brulée when they really are just big steaming piles of shit? If this public hearing happened to be about something important, you'd find the people in attendance are not the productive class of society, the men and woman who work hard day in and day out making the greasy commerce wheel go 'round, or generate the industrial capacity that keeps our modern day City on the Hill afloat. No, instead they would be the shiftless layabouts, and the same sort of slime who have time for midweek rallies and protests. In other words, the last people that City Council should listen to.

The more I think about this, the more depressed I get: if you schedule events so that the least productive members of society are the only ones who you get input from, your inputs will be mostly garbage, and your decisions will by default be very unproductive.
There's a parallel between this and the pro-poofter rally going on right today on the Legislature steps, and that little rant about when public hearings get held and who attends. Today at the Legislature you're going to find the usual crowd: the professional and semi-professional protesters that Ezra Levant has all the fun with, and a bunch of Kristopher Wells' student body at the University of Alberta, who oh by the way have finished their classes and unless they have exams at the same moment, are free to swing by and join the process. You'll find a few people involved in unions who've been granted "sympathy strike time", you'll find...hey, you know who you won't be finding a lot of? That's right, parents of kids in schools who were the same ones writing their MLA to fight this motion just a few scant weeks ago. They'll all be at work, supporting their families that the sodomites want to break the kneecaps from under, or they'll be at home busy taking care of (and possibly home-schooling) their children that Kent Hehr and company think should be granted the ability to form an advocacy group so long as they only advocate for the 'right' thing.

So there may be some people with bullhorns and hippie beads protesting the defeat of this horrible motion. I don't know, Hehr's Liberals may even be able to round up a decent number of them. But they aren't the stakeholders. They're just the people you get when you hold a rally on a Thursday afternoon. The day before Good Friday. So ignore them. They aren't representative, they aren't any sort of critical mass, and if we're all very very very lucky they'll take a lesson from the Easter story, and repent for the evil things they are trying to do to kids.