It's Hertiage Festival time in Edmonton...can I get any "Servus"?

I went to the 2012 Heritage Festival (sorry, the "Servus Heritage Festival"TM) this year. I've posted a few photos of it to my Facebook page, as well as a small sampler of what you can expect.

As for the festival itself, it's a hilarious reminder of how certain ethnic stereotypes are so spot-on.

For example, when it comes to taking your money at the Ghana pavilion, the Ghanaian ex-pats have basically no understanding of what they should be doing: you hand the girl your money and she reacts like its kryptonite and she's Supergirl. She literally dropped it at first touch like it was a potato too hot for her. Needless to say, it took a long time to get through that lineup.

Similarly, when I had me some bannock at the (west) Indian teepee actual normal tent, there was a girl who took me order. Then she called out to another girl, who got my order out of the storage tub. Finally she refused to take my money, while a wizened old man came over, looked it in confusion, and begrudgingly accepted it. Three people doing the job of one? And you say the reservations are economic basket cases? To hell with you!

Contrast this with the Taiwan tent: you never saw a lineup get moved through faster and more efficently (possibly because that ethnic group can pick and choose the professions of who mans the ticket windows: "my uncle Kim works as a petroleum engineer and would like to volunteer. Oh, and his sister who runs a Chinese restaurant wants to as...").

Well okay, you did. There was one ethnic group that had a more efficient line, whose entire operation was perfectly coordinated so as to take as much of your money as humanly possible:

The Israeli pavilion.