The Village of the Fringed: The 2012 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival

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Well, tonight is the kickoff to this year's Fringe Festival. As always, stay tuned to Third Edge of the Sword for photos, videos, reviews, analysis, and commentary from one of Edmonton's most popular festivals.

This is the portal page for our Fringe festival coverage: feel free to bookmark this post as it will be updated with fresh content throughout the next 11 days.

For a hint of what is to come, check the 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006 portal pages.

And of course, as always when Third Edge of the Sword does the Fringe, there's one hard and fast rule:

No fags.

Day 1: First night photos have now appeared on my Facebook page

Day 2: The Saints of British Rock reviewed.

Day 3: Rerentless reviewed.

A few photos.

A review of the problems with the Fringe Festival grounds

Day 4: Reviews of both Chalie Sands: A Hockey Story and Titanic. As well, my Facebook page now contains additional photos from the opening weekend.

Day 5: Reviews of both The Day It Rained Fire and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Also posted various YouTube videos from busker shows and a Fringe walkthrough.

Day 6: Reviews of both Peter 'n Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel as well as Gametes and Gonads

Day 7: A combined review of two plays whose only redeeming feature would have been the nudity: Sexed and Bad Girls. In reality the Fringe nudity is a bit of a last gasp anyways: why would I pay $15 to go see a play where I will see a quick glance of tit (or not, as in these two plays) when I can pay $12 for cover and a drink at Diamonds and see endless tit, some of whom are interested in rubbing it in my face? Also, a review of Power: J.S Woodsworth & W.L Mackenzie King which also didn't feature any tit.

Day 8: A review of The First Canadian President of the United States and Pest Control

Day 9: A review of The Question.

A final Facebook album has been posted.