Twitter-Friendly summaries of my 2010 Edmonton Civic Election Post

Thanks to the "#yegvote:Wardxx:" style, 122 characters is all I would have on Twitter to summarize the 2010 Edmonton Civic Election. So... here they are:

#yegvote:Ward 1: have to wait b4 they can hope to find a candidate willing to say "fuck the LRT & the traffic disruptions they rode in on"

#yegvote:Ward 2:"apparently being this close to St. Albert has made the people of this riding into pansies; snow removal is a huge concern"

#yegvote:Ward 3:"Can you imagine the chutzpah for somebody to move into Lago Lindo and then start complaining about urban sprawl?"

#yegvote:Ward 4:"Whatever happened to Gorman LRT station? No, seriously, that's an issue. Along with the stations not being pretty enough"

#yegvote:Ward 5:"Brian Kendrick goes off about how kids are breaking into people's cars because of not enough midnight basketball."

#yegvote:Ward 6:"Remember that crime thing in Ward 4? Well, multiply that by about 50 billion and you get an idea about life in Ward 6"

#yegvote:Ward 7:"Katz plans on ripping a giant hole out of the middle of this ward, and he would like the residents there to pay for it."

#yegvote:Ward 8:"Striker is excited about blowing a couple billion bucks on Expo and actually brags about stopping Rossdale development."

#yegvote:Ward 9:"Once the nightmare which is Whitemud construction at Quesnel is over, lets look into ripping up Whitemud at Terwilliger."

#yegvote:Ward 10:"That stupid Expo is supposed to be held here. Also, #ecca is going to be bulldozed to make way for slum housing"

#yegvote:Ward 11:"Magalang doesn't know what year it is and probably would make an awfully lousy councilor for at least the next 63 years"

#yegvote:Ward 12:"wouldn't U vote that way once molotov cocktails started showing up in ur living room b/c ppl thought U were a gangster?"

#yegvote:"Boner, an MMA combatant who apparently is running as mayor of #yeg entirely to ensure that UFC fights are sanctioned by the city."

#yegvote:"Mandel is putting election signs on private property, not public land. Yes, we know that you're in the hip pocket of developers"

#yegvote:"sleazier aspects from Dorward campaign leave a bad taste in my mouth. What leaves a worse taste? Sleazier aspects of Mandel"

#yegvote:"Dan Dromarsky's campaign is entirely based, it seems, on his "Dan for Mayor" gag. Only 16 ppl in #yeg watch that show, though"

#yegvote:Trustees:"Schools R closing. This is because there are no kids to fill them, but that doesn't stop residents from raising a stink"