Edmonton 2010 Mayoral Candidate Slogans

Well, its municipal election day in Edmonton (and all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, plus a couple cities in PEI), and its time for Edmontonians to go to the polls.

You can find how to vote in your ward here on the City of Edmonton website, or see where everybody votes by clicking the individual ward maps here.

What with this the big voting day, officially candidates are supposed to stop campaigning. However, the final weekend provided a big push by the candidate braintrusts, and therefore each mayoral candidate has come up with a brand new election slogan they legally cannot use.

Fortunately, Third Edge of the Sword has been secretly given permission to post the candidates new slogans:

Stephen Mandel
Old: Open, Decisive, Fair
New: Making you miss Bill Smith since 2005!

Dave Dorward
Old: David Dorward For Mayor
New: A vote for me is a vote for my professional campaign staff. Wait, no, not that!

Daryl Boner
Old: Fight Back and Vote
New: I can kick your mayor's ass!

Andrew Lineker
Old: Restoring Edmonton
New: Please don't ask questions about all the rainbows on my campaign material

Dave Dowling
Old: Elect Mayor Dowling
New: Am I partially blind, or do my eyes shoot concussive force beams? Vote Mandel and find out!

Dan Dromarsky
Old: Dan for Mayor
New: Hiccups

Bob Ligertwood
Old: Election 2010

New: Uncovering the media conspiracy of ignoring candidates who haven't updated their election blog since September 27th