Sins of the Father

Rumour has it that Brian Labelle, son of the man who two years ago plead guilty to charges of threatening Premier Ed Stelmach and his farm, is planning to (again) challenge the NDP nomination in Edmonton-Sherwood.

One may note that in the CBC story first linked to in this post, Brian Labelle shows why he's perfect for the NDP: he has absolutely no grip of the concept of reality:

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a threat, or a break and enter with theft that the police didn’t even bother taking fingerprints at or a crime where someone entered your personal space and assaulted you with their vehicle or whatever, I’d like you to ask yourself if you were satisfied with the end result of your experience and if the Alberta Justice system bent over backwards to prosecute your attacker the way it’s now spending YOUR tax dollars hand over fist to prosecute my father for threatening to dig up the Premier’s potatoes?
The thing that Labelle doesn't quite get is the difference when political figures are directly targeted by individuals like Ronald Labelle -- individuals by whom all indications point to a willingness to carry out such threats.

If Ed Stelmach the man were the target, he might have a point.

But it was Premier Ed Stelmach who was the target. And that will always carry different weight.