Middle Aged Whitey is the beneficiary of Edmonton-Strathcona's "Anybody but the Darkie" Campaign

Meanwhile, liberal Can-West Global's Calgary Herald (famous for Catherine Ford) concentrates on "all the kudos" Linda Duncan is receiving.

Now its time for the conservative denizens of Edmonton-Strathcona to start making Duncan live up to her self-proclaimed "voice of the underdog" status:

"This is a victory for all kinds of people who want a voice for change and a voice for different perspectives on where we should be going in Canada," said Duncan, a veteran environmental lawyer.
Well Linda, its time to test that theory. Voters in her riding should instantly start organizing a letter-writing campaign. Get a few hundred Conservative voters and church groups and libertarians together to start making some demands on the rookie MP. For instance...
  1. Alberta Separation is a change, in fact the biggest change to hit Canada since Trudeau was elected. No, scratch that, the biggest change since B.C. was added to Confederation in 1871. Duncan should show some support for such a glorious change.
  2. There is currently not a single federal party devoted to private healthcare. Those people with such a "different perspective" have been ostracized, shunned, and ignored. Voters should demand that Duncan end that injustice.
  3. Sodomite Marriage is supported by various European backwaters, a dangerous U.S. Presidential Candidate, and all the major parties. It is opposed by principled religious opposition in the Third World, a constituency that Duncan and her ilk claim to be acting on the behalf of in this country. Therefore, its time that Edmonton took a bold and moral stance against the tide of faggotry worldwide. Will Duncan take her bold leadership role?
  4. Hell, since she's already gone and put one Muslim immigrant out of a job, will she back stronger rights for employers and insuring that principled opposition to "protected groups" is now a legitimate rationale for termination?
This is just the beginning! Any other suggestions should be made in the comments.