Major news roundup: entertainment edition

This headline gets you all excited, but I'm afraid Paris Hilton is not going up on murder charges.

After so many years together, Mary Jane and Spider-Man are splitting up. I smell JMS's sort of bad storyline idea.

American Gangster gave me a sore neck (from being in the first row) and also an empty wallet (because I took a date, who I didn't do so well with). Now its the subject of a class action defamation lawsuit.

The Vancouver Sun reports how people aren't too inconvenienced by the writers strike. Meanwhile, the Insider Media Group brings up a matter I was wondering about: why hasn't the Canadian television industry been pushing to get our new shows aired in the U.S. in the interim. It may be a quality dropoff to the viewer accustomed to American programming, but hey, its new material on television, and after a certain time period of reruns and reality shows that might end up being better than nothing. I'm sure small-scale programs like everything the CBC does or Da Kink in My Hair would be awfully cheap for the US networks to pick up, and basically give the Canadian producers free exposure. Also, why aren't older shows that got cancelled before their runs finished being given new leases on life. Maybe my beloved Day Break would be a hit if they turned around and aired all the episodes that were only shown online last year.