Major news roundup: Alberta/Canadian news edition

As if the town (city?) of Prince George, B.C. doesn't have enough problems with the backed up Nechako River, now the plant whose warm water might save the town has suffered a fire.

The compassion of unions extends all the way to... well, nothing really. Société du parc Jean-Drapeau's labour unrest required the first ever cancellation of Montreal's Fête des Neiges winter carnival. (Apparently somebody at CBC.ca is working to rule too...read this paragraph:

And the union representing carnival workers is to blame, festival organizer Société du parc Jean-Drapeau (SPJD) said.
Sometime tonight please dedicate a beer or a chicken wing or a silent prayer to the Seattle Air Traffic Controller who may have saved the lives of everybody aboard that Victoria-Toronto flight last week that crash landed in Calgary.

Ed Stelmach has finally decided to get animated and play rough and duke it out with somebody. So naturally he chooses the Americans, in Washington DC, during a week celebrating the close ties that Alberta and the U.S. have been fostering for the past half decade. Yet Daveberta gets a wishy-washy lawyer's letter and the ATA gets their own screwups paid for by the province. Does this not bother anybody?