The most open and transparent government* ever

* If you doubt it, just ask them!

Back on February 10th, Shiny Pony's government ended the mask mandate for Service Canada (ie. passport offices). Seeing as how you need to take your mask off to verify your identity at the same office, it seemed absolutely ridiculous.

How was the policy decided on? It wasn't, they just claimed in the House of Commons that it was, and quietly moved behind the scenes to make the change before anybody noticed they were lying.

Falk grilled the Liberal MPs present at the committee meeting, asking “Why is a mask mandate appropriate for Service Canada but not necessary in other federal government settings?”

Social Development minister Karina Gould responded to Falk, telling her, “My understanding is masks now are encouraged but are not required.”

Falk shot back at Gould, telling her, “That’s a policy change?” to which Gould replied, “That’s been a very recent policy change.”

Gould confirmed with Falk that the COVID-related masking mandate for Service Canada offices was suspended as of February 10. She gave no reason as to why the mask mandate was only lifted now, and why those who did not wear a mask were denied service.

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