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Notorious Edmonton slum landlord and con artist Carmen Pervez is dead.

At about 9:55 p.m., police were called to a weapons complaint at a home in the area of Heath Road and Riverbend Road.

Police said 59-year-old Abdullah Shah was outside the residence in life-threatening condition. Shah, who is also known as Carmen Pervez, was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries, according to police.
Regular readers might recognize the name, or more specifically the names. Is it Abdullah Shah or Carman Pervez? Well, we covered that. In fact, as a curious note far-left Edmonton Journal writer Elise Stolte had no problem referring to him as Pervez as his primary name. It is, of course, how we've known about him for a couple decades now.

This Abdullah Shah thing, while at first glance seeming very Cassius Clay, was what I more accurately noted as more along the lines of sodomites pretending they aren't dudes (or, in the curiously expanding realm of modern society, chicks who want to pretend their bleeding problem was a cosmic error). Specifically, I noted that both name changes are primarily involved for deception:
He's Carmen Perez. He was Carmen Perez when he was in his mortgage scam, and Carmen Pervez is the man who is out on the streets doing the same shady shit he was doing a decade ago. The name change, of course, is so that he can escape being figured out on Google searches. But it is, quite clearly, who he is. Carmen Pervez is how everybody from his friends to his victims knew him as. Calling him Abdullah Shah is to participate in a bald lie.

Yet this isn't the media's rule for dealing with another group who are using name changes to deceptively hide who they are. Trannies are doing the same thing day in and day out. And you know who's culpably going along for the ride? That's right, the same newspaper chain who sensibly kept warning Edmontonians that Carmen Pervez is back.
[apologies for the spelling error in the quote and original post, but ironically its hard to train the brain to not see "Pervez" as the spelling error. -ed]

Global News' Caley Gibson did something that's (morbidly eerie, in this case) referred to by the ridiculous term deadnaming when it's done to a man like Richard Levine yet we all instinctively understand that it would be a crime to the publishing of facts to talk endlessly about an Abdullah Shah as if he burst on the Edmonton social scene around 2013.

Albert Einstein is still alive, and while it might be useful to refer to people by their nom de plume on occasion it doesn't change the fact that Albert Einstein is still alive even if you don't know him by that surname (or the identity of his late brother).