Emily Mertz is an enemy of the people. Your mission is to destroy the enemy.

Emily Mertz is a far-left fake news presstitute. She's a third rate cunt who gets paid to lie to you.

Take, for a semi-random example, her this old article about Alberta pro-lockdown protest (and not that's not a typo).

Now if you rely on lying sacks of shit like Emily for your news, you'd be unaware that there are weekly anti-lockdown protests going on. Global News refused to publish any stories about them. But they were quick to jump onto one that supported Emily Mertz's inferior worldview, weren't they?

Also let's compare how she compared this to how she compared...well, she refused to cover the anti-lockdown rallies, so how about when a rally organizer was arrested for wanting to do what her activist pals wanted to revert to illegality?
The person who organized a protest in Red Deer Wednesday has been charged under the Public Health Act.
Now the lockdown one:
Medical professionals helped organize two rallies Friday at noon showing opposition to the Alberta government’s plan to lift mandatory isolation rules, scale back contact tracing and COVID-19 testing.
So this lying bitch starts off with an especially retarded appeal to authority. After all when doctors and nurses speak out against masks or lockdowns you need fifteen advanced degrees in virology to weigh in, but not when rallying a bunch of morons who want more controls brought in on my life.

Note even the contrast in headlines: "Albertans protest ending mandatory COVID-19 isolation, masking and testing changes" versus "Organizer of U.S. election result protest in Red Deer charged". The organizer who was charged was also Albertan. Shouldn't he be promoted as such?