Celebrating one year of that evil cunt being a corpse

Ann Coulter on why RBG should have been refused to the Supreme Court:

The confirmation hearings on Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court go somewhat more smoothly. This is because Republicans would apparently confirm a doorknob. During Ruth Bader Ginsburg's confirmation hearings, the nominee said laws against abortion violated the Equal Protection Clause because only women can get pregnant. It's quite a challenge, but this is a legal premise even nuttier than the "penumbra" rationale actually used by the Court in Roe v. Wade. On Ginsburg's theory, topless beaches are mandated under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, at least if men are allowed to go topless at a beach. (But the Equal Protection Clause says absolutely nothing about "recounting" some ballots in Florida three times more than other votes.) Some ninety minutes later, when most of the Judiciary Committee members had stopped giggling, Ginsburg said the death penalty for rape was unconstitutional because rape laws were intended to avenge a man's property right: "If [a woman] was raped before marriage, she was damaged goods. It was a theft of something that belonged first to the father, and then to the husband" - whereupon the Judiciary Committee declared a fifteen minute recess so that Ginsburg's Thorazine could kick in.

Despite the fact that Ginsburg was obviously crazier than a bedbug, Republicans didn't even oppose her on the merits. They certainly did not produce some long-ago coworker to level outrageous sexual harassment charges against her. Then-Senate Republican leader Bob Dole of Kansas said of Ginsburg's nomination to the highest court in the land, "It looks like a good choice." Republican Senator Charles Grassley said, "She's a Democrat nominee that even conservatives can like and respect." Former Grassley aide Samuel Gerdano said the Senate hearing on Ginsburg was like "Barney the dinosaur for adults: 'I love you. You love me.'"