The Soup Theory

From Commenter PlusUltra at The Z Blog:

Soup is the last stand of implicit White identity.

It is the final bulwark against the forces of darkness. Throughout the ages, soup has aided the white race in our endeavors of conquest and exploration. Across every frontier, soup has been by our side. From the coldest tundras to the hottest deserts and the muddiest of trenches, soup has been our saving grace in the great racial struggle. Its nutrients have provided us with the energy needed to stand at the apex of mankind.

But because we’ve turned our back on her, we’ve become as ordinary and weak as any other race. If we are to stand once again at the forefront of human progress, strength and conquest, we must once again make soup the cornerstone of our diets

In all honesty though I don't buy it. I mean literally, I don't typically buy soups. I'm not one of these people who opens a can of cream of broccolli in order to make a baked chicken. I laugh at the soup and lentils guy at the Whyte Ave Farmers Market (I don't think he's there this year but he is at the St. Albert one).

Is there a food that could be called the "final bulwark against the forces of darkness"? No, probably not. Is there a drink that could say the same? Probably not, but "shitty unflavoured vodka" is probably the correct answer.