We found the woman who wants millions more Minassians running around

During my research for Wednesday's post about Shiny Pony's sudden lack of interest in root causes I came across a National Post Letter's Page that discussed his comments along with other matters.

Here's Big Smoke's own James Morton on "root causes" (Vox's Zack Beauchamp please take note...):

Justin Trudeau was not wrong in suggesting that we look at the motives behind terrorist acts such as the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Where he went off the tracks was when he emphasized the importance of taking into account the “root causes” of such acts and that failure to do so risked “marginalizing even further those who are already feeling like enemies of society.” The implication of such statements is that society should take some responsibility for this marginalization.

One wonders if somebody could get around to asking Rev. Canon Dr. D.V. MacDonald if he thinks "penetrating questions" about how men are supposed to deal with the massive rates of rejection by women need to be asked...
Listen (read) closely and you will realize that Mr. Trudeau has no time for terrorism, and of course he defends the rigorous pursuit of misguided terrorists, but it is not mutually exclusive to ask some of the more penetrating questions as to “root causes” as you so glibly define it.

And since the Canadian left-wing extremists are declaring war on Barbara Kay these days, it seems only fitting to wonder if Caroline Lemieux is causing men to mow down innocents on the streets of Toronto, and whether she can acknowledge that she's more the "root cause" of what happened on Monday than George W. Bush (pbuh) is responsible for ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood.
Maybe if we loosened up about how the sexual urges of teenagers are immoral, there would be less of a drive for them to loosen up with alcohol and drugs and get hurt much more deeply in the process.
So you want teenage girls to decide to sleep with men more easily...but also more sober and therefore be even more picky.

The blood of a dozen people are on your hands now, Caroline.